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Step into a parallel universe where mystery possesses the mind in a dark and decadent experience that casts subliminal shadows on the wearer.

The second chapter of the almighty collaboration between the greatest riff master of all time, Black Sabbath’s legendary guitarist and rock composer, Tony Iommi and Xerjoff’s esteemed founder, Sergio Momo.

A combination of forces that play on the palindromic nature of sound, scent and sensorial sequences, Tony Iommi Deified parfum is the new Xerjoff Blends venture that presents Deified perfume with a soon to come soundtrack and music video.

Created on a duality of leather and spice, Deified plays in a loop with no beginning and no end, accompanying the wearer with its omnipresent aura. Authentic and warm accents of saffron meet powdery and leathery facets that dance with the delicate touch of gourmand freshness. Cinnamon exalts spicier notes, complemented by gentle rose at the heart.

The woody base of papyrus and patchouli leaves the senses longing for more in a rhythmic exchange of back and forth.

Xerjoff Tony Iommi Deified

  • parfum

    • Top Notes: Saffron, Cinnamon, Apple
    • Heart Notes: Rose, Leather
    • Base Notes: Papyrus, Patchouli, Moss, Musk
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