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Paolo and Tiziana's intergalactic journey continues, as they discover the stars that make up the constellations of the Luna collection. This journey takes us through the beauty of artistic perfumery, in an expression capable of transforming beauty into wonder, through the reverberation of its pyramid of origin amplified towards brighter and more luminous echoes of a new pyramid, also offering ample space for the art of layering. 'Chi' is one of the brightest stars in the constellation Ursa Major, whence the Ursa perfume takes its inspiration. A perfume in which we recognise a rare and precious balance of Oudh and Vetiver, enriched with elegant elements typical of the Italian perfumery of the 1920s.


The fragrance opens with an unexpectedly sweet, gourmet bouquet where Guatemalan coffee bean echoes, embraced by Piedmontese almond, in counterpoint with the scent of milk and Turkish caramel. This sweet and persuasive head rests on a sinuous heart, which is rich and powerful, capable of bewitching with its robust fragility, where the sweetness of Haitian Vanilla Berry echoes, intertwined with Indian Patchouli, ready to bring out the strength of Cambodian Oudh contrasted for the first time with the very rare white truffle of Alba and its precious, yet generous, earth. At the base of the composition, to ensure an extraordinary and intricate blend of precious woods, Indian Oudh is the main pillar of this innovative and irreverent creation embraced by Cypriol and Turkish Caramel, ever persuasive and intriguing thanks to the aphrodisiac effects of Tonka Bean from Madagascar in counterpoint with Vanilla Flowers, also from Madagascar. 'Chi' offers an adventurous journey into the exhilarating balance of some of the most precious and rare olfactory elements in the entire world of perfumery. A creation that will leave no one indifferent, just like the mysterious star it is named after and inspired by. "Chi" is the scent that will be recognised, for better or worse, because it is inimitable and unique, just like the white truffle of which it is composed.

Tiziana Terenzi Chi

  • Extrait de Parfum

    • Top Notes: Guatemalan Coffee Bean, Almond of Piemonte, Milk, Turkish Caramel
    • Heart Notes: Vanilla Bean from Haiti, Cambodian Oudh, Indian Patchouli, Alba White Truffle, Earth
    • Base Notes: Madagascar Tonka Bean, Vanilla Flowers from Madagascar, Indian Oudh, Cypriol, Caramel
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