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In the nautical world, the Italian word ‘abbrivio’ means headway and refers to the inertial motion of a boat. When a boat starts to move, in fact, its thrusters have to overcome an immense inertia, generated by the weight and shape of the boat itself, immersed in the water. Let us imagine Telea’s unfurled sails swelling to pull the mast fixed to its deck forward, thanks to the sheer power of the wind, but in moments that sometimes seem eternal, nothing happens and the boat remains motionless; then suddenly and with a momentum of its own, not governed by man, the boat generates motion. This thrust is the headway: difficult to get going, but then almost unstoppable. There are two types of headway, increasing and decreasing, both of which are daughters of the same mother and which a good sailor must come to terms with in order to sail safely. The headway is a magic trick of motion that has always fascinated seafarers because of its beauty that is not fully revealed and is ever changing and fickle depending on the weather conditions. Every boat has its own soul and therefore its own headway, which can never be the same as any other. A kind of inimitable, unique fingerprint, just as the creation inspired by it is inimitable and unique. This magical and unpredictable, mysterious and inexplicable force is fully encapsulated in the Starfish Collection bottle. Just like the force of the unstoppable headway that can only be controlled by expert hands, this creation can be discovered by profound connoisseurs of the art of perfumery. Abbrivio opens with a fresh, frothy, fruity bouquet, thanks to the scent of Brazilian Orange with Dolomite Blackcurrant and Romagna Strawberry, emphasised by the aromatic hint of Mediterranean Santolina. The unpredictable and evolving head settles into an even more trembling and untamed heart where, from the outset, the seductive force of Ambergris is felt, combined with the contrast of Coumarin and Adriatic Seaweed, softened by the persuasiveness of Amazonian Tonka Bean and Cuban Cane Sugar. The base of this mysterious creation is firmly rooted in the strong notes of Atlas Cedar and Singapore Patchouli, strengthened by the regal presence of Tuscan Oak and Australian Sandalwood, then emphasised by the persuasive combination of Romagna Oak Moss and Musk. Abbrivio encapsulates the mysterious force of motion generated by obscure forces that reverberate in the lapping water like magical effluvia capable of seducing and bewitching, for those who are not afraid to venture into the coral blue of life.

Tiziana Terenzi Abbrivio

  • Extrait de Parfum

    • Top Notes: Brazilian Orange, Dolomite Blackcurrant, Mediterranean Santolina, Romagna Strawberry
    • Heart Notes: Ambergris, Coumarin, Adriatic Seaweed, Amazonian Tonka Bean, Cuban Cane Sugar
    • Base Notes: Singapore Patchouli, Atlas Cedar, Tuscan Oak, Australian Sandalwood, Romagna Oak Moss, Musk
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