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A ‘Riviere’ is a classic necklace comprised of gemstones that are of identical size or seamlessly graduated.

One of the most famous Riviere’s belonged to Queen Mary and consisted of 34 old-cut diamonds. She subsequently gifted the necklace to her granddaughter, Princess Margaret, and it was sold at Christie’s for almost £1 million in 2006. The new fragrance, ‘Riviere’, from luxury British fragrance house Thameen is, like its namesake, dedicated to balance and a flawless progression of rare and sparkling ingredients combined to adorn the skin.

Shimmering at the top, spiced notes of Indian black pepper and Persian saffron meld mellifluously into cinnamon from Ceylon and a luminous lemon blossom accord. This dazzling opening segues into a deep, faceted heart of Russian clary sage over Turkish rose and carnation, polished with a warm, burnished patchouli from Indonesia. The iridescent base of golden amber and oud, infused with soft, opulent Indian cypriol and a sun drenched leather enrich this jewel with a dark resinous glow. Riviere conveys a sophisticated brilliance – its elegant simplicity disguising a meticulous construct. An olfactory masterclass for perfume perfectionists.

Thameen Riviere

  • Extrait de Parfum

  • Top Notes: Indian Black Pepper, Saffron

    Heart Notes: Sage, Turkish Rose, Carnation

    Base Notes: Indian Cyproil, Sun Drenched Leather

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