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Thameen Discovery Set 12 x 2ml samples

Experience the hand-curated sample set of Thameen's most renowned fragrances to date. 



Amber Room: Amber
Blue Heart: Gourmand
Carved Oud: Spicy Amber
Patiala: Floral
Peacock Throne: Woody, Floral
Peregrina: Floral Amber
Riviere: Leathery, Spicy Amber
Royal Sapphire: Fruity, Floral
Diadem: Spicy Amber, Floral
Imperial Crown: Woody, Leathery
Cullinan Diamond: Musky, Floral
Sceptre: Soft Amber

Thameen Discovery Set 12 x 2ml

  • Extrait de Parfum

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