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British, luxury fragrance house Thameen is to launch Carved Oud scented hair fragrance this summer. The perfect way to enjoy luxury perfume at any time but specifically during hot weather, the hair will ‘hold’ fragrance much longer than the skin because it is porous!

Thameen has added luxurious hair treatments to ensure that hair not only smells sensational but looks luscious too.

Thameen Carved Oud Hair Fragrance

  • Hair Fragrance

  • Pro Vitamin B5 – Pro Vitamin B5 or D-Panthenol has been used for years in hair care products because it functions as a Humectant that increases the water content of hair and improves its elasticity.

    Keratin – Strengthening with restorative proteins, the powerful hydrating properties are the perfect antidote to summer frizz!

    Moroccan Argan Oil – Moisturising for the scalp and hair, the oil will also add a light gloss sheen.

    Honeyquat – This is a gem of an ingredient. A quaternized conditioning agent made from honey which, as a natural humectant, binds moisture to the hair for easy absorption. It actually has twice the moisturising ability of vegetable glycerine.

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