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Bravi’s adventure begins at the opera house, which is the most iconic building in Covent Garden. A place where love and passion for the opera ignites friendships.

Perfumer Bruno Jovanovic re-creates the scent of the Queen of the Night flower. During the olfactory exploration of the Queen of the Night, we take the path of sensuality, but in a dramatic and over-the-top sensational way.

Intoxicating tuberose is spiced up with an overdose of ginger and dramatized with a novel walnut milk accord. The notes are blended in a way that accents the tension between them. Perfect for an opulent evening.

Thameen Bravi

  • Cologne Elixir

    • Top Notes: Bergamot, Bitter Orange, Ginger
    • Heart Notes: Tuberose, Saffron, Honey
    • Base Notes: Walnut Milk Accord, Vanilla, Tobacco
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