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She shone like white light, evanescent in the paleness of dawn. There was no denying her brilliance and it was said that something so beautiful could only come from a dream or divine power. She had the ability to make many wild with love and her fine feathers were greatly sought after. She cast a spell over all in that she was the sheer embodiment of purity and peace, a reminder to take pleasure in Mother Nature. She was a brilliant silver, her tail striking the eye with a fan of diamonds simulating stars in the night's sky. Come the coolness of the awakening day, she would spread out her feathers and display her beautiful plumage for all to see. Her white feathers sparkled with a opalescent quality, reflecting bold hues as the light struck at vivid angles. She was magnificent yet subtly fragile. Beautiful and untouchable.

TFK The Fragrance Kitchen Heera

  • Eau de Parfum

  • Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Bergamot

    Heart Notes: Oud, Jasmine, Castoreum, Rose

    Base Notes: Amber, Musks, Gaiacwood, Patchouli

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