There are many examples of perfumes that are neither distinctly male nor female however, this characteristic certainly does not reduce its charm.
Often they possess that “special’ something; mysterious and intriguing that makes them particularly attractive.
This is undoubtedly the case of Oud Santal, a fascinating, spicy-woody fragrance reminiscent of the East the warm and enveloping Souk atmosphere and the starry skies of an Atlas.
A jus designed around two kings: Mysore sandalwood with its warm, sensual, balsamic aromas and precious Burmese Agar Oil, with its complex, woody-honeyed shades and antique leather notes.
A sexy, scented dream. A hypnotic, overwhelming aim embedded in a precious crystal bottle handmade by our Florentine master glassmakers.

Royal Crown Oud Santal

  • Extrait de Parfum Concentrée

  • Top Notes: Styrax, Cumin, Clary Sage, Sandalwood
    Heart Notes: Sandal Mysore, Absolte Jasmine Sambac, Absolute Iris Fiorentina
    Base Notes: Burmese Oud, Grey Musk, Absolute Vanilla, Ebony Wood, Gurium