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My Oud is the magic of the Orient, a rare journey somewhere where you’ve probably never been and will beg to return.
Dark, mystical, warm and elegant; a complex balance of musk and notes of oud a legendary wood whispered to be worth more than its weight in gold used for devotion and meditation in Buddhist temples for centuries.
For oud lovers, this will be love at first sniff, as it takes one in a journey to the center of Eden.
All the oriental allure revives in this charismatic fragrance, an endlessly intriguing charm wears this attractive scent enchanting and misterious.
A sublime flavour, thick of an arcaic sensuality where the Oud's wood wraps in scented fumes the aromas of incense and rare spices, a silky smooth base of grey amber and sandal the velvety temptation of patchouli and the sensuous tug of musk stays alive on the skin long after the drydown, retaining just enough liveliness to have you buzzing for hours.
A sweet abandonment from senses to drown in a sea of warm woods, rose and Jasmine.
My Oud, a rare alchemic mix where the magic and enchantes atmospheres of the Thousands and One Night echoes, an intense perfume that the skin transforms in an enchanting magnetic Aura giving charisma and charms to the one that wears it.
I like to imagine it as if it were a perfume liquid wood that slowly descends to soothe the Animo.

Royal Crown My Oud

  • Extrait de Parfum Concentrée

  • Top Notes: Ivy Leaves, Saffron, Chambaka, Cardamom
    Heart Notes: Damascean Rose, Taifi Rose, Indian Jasmine
    Base Notes: Burmese Oud, Grey Amber, Patchouli, Sandal Mysore Oman Golden Frankincense, Labdanum, Castoreum 

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