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Native to Central America, the plant of vanilla belongs to orchid family, it has a typical Liana shape and it grows in the humid tropical forests. In Mexico people used to mix it with the chocolate to obtain aphrodisiac qualities. While, in Peru and Ecuador women used to spread it as a balm under the arms and wear the pods as necklaces. The vanilla is a spice that is born thanks to a true act of love. The process of pollination of the flower, artificially induced by man, is actually called “Marriage”. A wise and delicate work that only expert hands can make and that brings out the fruit of plant.

Several varieties of vanilla exist, among those, the most vibrant is the vanilla Tahitensis. The fruit ripens directly in the plant without man intervention thus naturally and spontaneously releasing the typical warm, exotic and sweet notes.

The raw material extraction process is innovative and modern.
The vanilla from Tahiti is not extracted with solvents, but through a more natural and less invasive process, known as CO2 supercritical, which preserves all the aromatic facets and the identity of its natural profile to ensure an extract of high purity. Its olfactory qualities are unique. The captivating aroma of this powerful, inebriating and exotic raw material brings to life the soft and oily texture of the vanilla pod.

Vanille de Tahiti is a symphony of warm, exotic and gentle sweet notes. A powerful and enveloping vanilla is enriched with floral notes of ylang ylang and champaka, while chanting warm notes of amber mingle with musk and sandalwood.

    Perris Monte Carlo Vanille de Tahiti Eau de Parfum

    • Eau de Parfum

      • Top Notes: Champaca, Ylang-Ylang
      • Heart Note: Vanilla
      • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk
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