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Our Perris Monte Carlo Extracts Collection is the purest concentration and offer customers the most luxurious of quality with a higher concentration. Reconstructing each composition, heightening the level of select ingredients and enhancing the quality of select secondary ingredients have created each fragrance with a richer, more opulent and captivating elixir.


For Santal du Pacifique, this is a mysterious and hypnotic blend that is velvety and creamy notes develop a warming characteristic. The natural aroma gives off an essence combination that is mysterious unique with pleasant results.

Perris Monte Carlo Santal du Pacifique Extrait de Parfum

  • Extrait de Parfum

  • Top Note: Carrot

    Heart Notes: Creamy, Orchid, Violet, Gurjum Balsam

    Base Notes: Pacific Sandalwood, Fry Woods, Musk

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