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Hidden in the oldest city, Taif in Saudi Arabia. This Arabian Damask rose is a rare and precious discovery. The rose possesses a powerful and sophisticated fragrant scent that entices the senses. Nature has created an alluring and captivating aromatic oil that is considered the best in the Middle East. The exotic Saudi-Arabian rose is the true heart of the scent; this unique combination is truly a masterpiece.

Like a true gem the alluring aroma, Rose de Taif is a harmonized accord with an accent on the light floral scent purely of rose and a few complimenting raw materials that highlight the true romance of her elegant beauty. This unique combination will hypnotize your senses and others around.

    Perris Monte Carlo Rose De Taif Eau de Parfum

    • Eau de Parfum

    • Top Notes: Lemon, Nutmeg, Geranium

      Heart Note: Rose of Taif Essence

      Base Notes: Rosa Damascena Absolute, Rose Musk

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