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“Lavender is the soul of Haute-Provence”

At harvest time, evenings are filled with its aroma… and the sunset is coloured by the newly cut flowers strewn over the fields. The humble alembics installed near the reservoirs glow with red flames into the night.*

Lavender is so connected to Provence that often farmers don’t realise that it was introduced during the Roman invasion which gave this region the designation of ‘Provincia Romana’ from which its name derives.

As a perfumer, I love the strength of these landscapes and the beauty of the lavender fields where flocks of blue butterfly’s float in the air. To bring this scene to life, I composed Lavande Romaine a joyful fragrance that dances and sings a summer tune.

    Perris Monte Carlo Lavande Romaine Eau de Parfum

    • Eau de Parfum

      • Top Note: Fine Lavender
      • Heart Notes: Cassis Bourgeons, Blue Cedar
      • Base Note: White Musk
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