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Many of you know Jean Claude Ellena from the masterpieces he has created. However, not everyone knows his whole story: as a child he harvested jasmine and roses with his grandmother, then he started working in the factories producing essential oils and absolutes, on top of it all he then became a master of the art of perfume composition. Jean-Claude Ellena has experienced first-hand all of the elements that made Grasse a heritage of humanity:

“ Jean Claude calls himself an « écrivain des odeurs », I love to call him the Perfume Poet, and it was a true privilege to work with him on this project ”

cit. Gian Luca Perris


« My devotion to jasmine lies with my childhood in Grasse. As a child, I used to harvest jasmine at dawn, picking the white porcelain flowers one by one, their smell was green, transparent and intoxicating. By noon, the last of the last white petals released a warm smell of orange blossom. By night, the forgotten flowers, now yellowed, emanated a happy, deep animalic fragrance. If its perfume was given rhythm by the time of day, then its nature never changed. Admiring this work of nature was my inspiration to imagine the perfume in a different way, to play with its elements and change its effects to make it unique and forever Jasmine. »

Jean Claude Ellena

    Perris Monte Carlo Jasmin de Pays Eau de Parfum

    • Eau de Parfum

    • Top Note: Jasmine Absolute

      Heart Notes: Clove, Tagete

      Base Notes: Musk

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