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 TERO means Earth in Esperanto. It was composed by perfumer Carlos Benaim. Even with billions of planets out there, finding a carbon copy of the Earth seems unlikely (at least until today). Such a planet would have to have undergone the same steps in its evolution to get to a similar state to our “now”. So we all live in the same “place”: our planet earth and we are made up of the earth in a complex yet simple way. In a lot of ways, we are very similar to the earth. We go through cycles as human beings just as the earth goes through cycles, just on different scales. The earth grows and dies, it changes and shifts, it warms up and cools down, and the earth produces life and is fed by the things it creates. The earth asks us to take care of it so that in doing so we take care of ourselves and our future generations, plants, animals, air, and water. It asks us to be aware that we are as much a part of the earth as anything else and the earth and its nature is a part of everything. The earth asks us to be content with how it is, to be content with ourselves, and to know that everything will change and grow at the pace and ways it needs to. To not push it over its limits, to not turn nature into something we can’t even call natural anymore. The earth asks us as humans to keep it clean and healthy, to keep ourselves clean and healthy. Accordingly, this perfume is dedicated to the world we all live in and we invite people to sense the earthy aromas that prevail in the scent.

Nishane Tero

  • Extrait de Parfum

    • Top Notes: Salt, Caramel, Sichuan Pepper, Black Pepper
    • Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Patchouli
    • Base Notes: Amber, Oak, Vetiver
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