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If great intention and imagination become the reason behind a solid creation, the result is as outstanding as "Sweet Botswana". The intention was to create a fragrance that possesses two "scent pyramids", the usual and the exceptional with:

TOP NOTE- Taste Sensational.
MID NOTE- Nasal Enticing.
BASE NOTE- Taste Sensational.

"The magic happened when she complimented my fragrance with her SWEET Voice, I asked her where she was from again, and she said Botswana. I realized that, my imagination had a voice, hence "SWEET BOTSWANA"- Dan Mark

Mystery, Modern Mark Sweet Botswana

  • Eau de Parfum

    • Top Notes: Bergamot, Orange, Raspberry
    • Heart Notes: White Flower, Jasmine
    • Base Notes: Vanilla, Praline Candies, Musk
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