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D’S-TINGUISHED understands the virtue of memories. It is a fresh breeze from a “A GARDEN OF ORRIS”, which is in connection to the desire of friendship to create nothing but a fresh atmosphere of outstanding fragrances. D’S-TINGUISHED, is not just a name, but a story of a friendship, united by the taste for the creation of great/unique  fragrances. D’S-TINGUISHED stands for two “Daniels” coming together to create a “Distinguish” scent.

Mystery, Modern Mark D's-Tinguished

  • Eau de Parfum

    • Top Notes: Osmanthus Absolute, Cardamom, Pink Pepper
    • Heart Notes: Orris Concrete, Indian Jasmine, Tuberose
    • Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Atlas Cedarwood, Leather
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