Aoud Café is an oriental gourmet scent for women and men from the French Mancera brand of niche perfumes, whose fragrances are made of rare and luxurious ingredients and inspired by the Art Deco style. With Aoud Café Eau de Parfum, Mancera delights coffee lovers who have been disappointed with all other so-called "coffee" fragrances. Mancera Aoud Café is truly full of the aroma of coffee and accords that underline and emphasize this distinctive note. The result of this masterfully designed composition is a unique, sweet, deep and stimulating fragrance that perfectly captures the robust yet delicate aroma of roasted coffee beans and evokes a plate of gourmet treats next to a double espresso. The fragrance of Mancera Aoud Café opens with accords of peach, black currant and bergamot in the head. The heart features coffee and amber and floral notes, while the base consists of musk and sweet and woody notes. The overall aroma is rich, sensual, gourmet, unique and, above all, wonderfully faithful to the essence of coffee. The fragrance gives its wearer a touch of remarkable luxury.

Mancera Aoud Cafe

  • Top Notes: Peach, Blackcurrant, Bergamot

    Heart Notes: Amber, Black Coffee

    Base Notes: Intense Oud, Woody Notes, Sensual White Musk 

  • Eau de Parfum