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One of the most remarkable scientific achievements of the Golden age of Islam was the revolutionary development in chemistry. ‘Ilm, which is the Arabic word for knowledge, is a tribute to that golden era. It is an unfathomable combination of different types of oud wood with their heavy, brown, earthy, and slumbering smell, evoking a sense of age and wisdom. ‘Ilm opens with the fruity dimension imparted by the loudness of oud wood. The fruity dimension also imparts tobacco-like features to the solid and mystical oud and makes it enchantingly mysterious. Dark, yet bright and promising, heavy, yet full of passion, like knowledge that is unattainable, which once possessed bestows to its bearer all the secrets of the Universe.

Kemi 'Ilm

Out of Stock
  • Parfum

  • Top Notes: Aged Indian Assam Oud

    Heart Notes: Bangladesh Oud

    Base Notes: Laos Oud

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