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Cedar of Lebanon is the rarest of essences, so it is never found in commercial perfumery.  A devotional oil of sacred nature and supreme beauty, it is the crown jewel of this one of a kind composition. 

Sadly, the primeval forests have been decimated over the millennia so House of Matriarch has been planting cedrus libani trees across various parts of the western USA to help ensure the future survival of these wondrous trees.

Cedar of Lebanon oil possesses the organic compound himachalene in astonishing proportions.  It is this rare compound which conveys the aromatic, healing and even magical capabilities of cedrus libani.

A 2024 house extraction of the mature cones from specimen plantings in Kirkland, WA yielded enough oil to blend a very small batch of GHAZAL.

House of Matriarch Ghazal

  • Extrait de Parfum

  • Cedar of Lebanon, Royal Arabian Incense Blend, Vintage Mysore Sandalwood, Vintage Ambergris

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