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Love at first sight. A single day lily with voluptuous crimson petals, illuminated by the Summer Solstice sun drew her in. When Christi breathed the rapturous aroma of the flower, she was surprised and delighted by perfume it possessed.  She purchased the plant (a crimson blackbeard variety) which still had many blooms left to open and studied the aroma as the rest of the buds unfurled in the week that followed. 

Each part of this beautiful flower is captured herein. The complete dry down takes place over 12 glorious hours, just as the fragrance of a day lily changes throughout it's one-day long life. Pyramidal smelling notes are unlisted as this perfume is blended so that none of the notes are singularly apparent,  a true quintessence novel to your Earthy senses.

House of Matriarch Daylily

  • Parfum


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