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The smoky eye in fragrance form.  Anointing yourself with ANTIMONY is akin to the ancient protective ritual of rimming your eyes with kohl. This talismanic incense perfume draws from the noble history of cosmetica and the aromatic materials which have been used throughout time to create "eye shadow" - the most magical cosmetic of all. 


The minerals antimony and malachite have been among those used around the eyes throughout time due to their reflective properties - they ricochet bad vibes like mirrors. Since actual antimony is considered toxic (the alchemists would argue otherwise) these minerals have been banned from use in cosmetics. Mystics and folk healers around the world still use them for their prehistorical purposes in treating ailments of mind and spirit and for compounding sacred cosmetics.

House of Matriarch Antimony

  • Extrait de Parfum

  • Charred Frankincense, Kewra, Henna, Palo Santo, Galangal, Sandlwood Ashes, Spikenard, Ghee, Copal, Oud, Mitti Attar, Kadam Attar, Rose Attar

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