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Celebrating the timeless style and heritage of haute couture, the fragrance is at once rich and elegant; sophisticated and alluring. The crisp, fresh opening notes of bergamot and floral aldehyde yield to a complex but approachable heart of sweet jasmine and powdery orris, augmented by hints of mystical frankincense.

At the base, cedar-wood and sandalwood give the melange a comforting warmth, while the smooth, creamy vanilla and Fragrance Du Bois’ 100% pure, natural Oud provide remarkable depth and an almost hypnotic, long-lasting sense of wellbeing.

Our perfumes are not created for the stereotypical gender... him or her... they are made to share. We are all individuals you decide.

Fragrance du Bois Heritage

  • Parfum

    • Top Notes: Bergamot, Alderhyde
    • Heart Notes: Orris Root, Floral Notes, Jasmine, Incense
    • Base Notes:  Oud, Sandalwood, Woody Notes, Cedar, Vanilla
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