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Is it a passing fancy, a momentary catching of the eye, a brief encounter, or something else?  Will it endure, will it last forever? Dose it really matter? This is now, this is how you feel. 

At one special moment in time and whatever happens you will make an indelible memory. 

Une Amourette is a love affair -  it will not last forever, but it's unforgettable.

The notes make a complex statement, far beyond the simple passing fancy. The citrus of Neroli, spicy and floral, blends with the soft, elegant iris. The sweetness of vanilla is tempered by Akigalawood, a special distillation of patchouli that creates a woodiness. 

Une Amourette - a modern fragrance, but like iconic fashion or a passionate liaison, it's timeless. This is the scent of a woman a man wants to remember, and maybe wear himself. 

Etat Libre d'Orange Une Amourette

  • Eau de Parfum

  • Neroli, Iris, Vanilla Absolute, Akigalawood

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