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Inspired by the famed Gladiators of Ancient Rome, courageous warriors who dominated and entertained in the Colosseum, Gladiator Oud opens with a powerful and thrilling accord of salty, elemental ambergris. Cardamom combines with the cool of Egyptian geranium for an impression of steel and strength. Hay absolute, Haitian vetiver and cumin seed capture the sun warmed earth of the gladiatorial arena. Oud oil and cedarwood bring nobility and elegance to the battle, with the gold and glory of victory elicited through accords of intense saffron and honey.

This fragrance exudes luxury and elegance.

Electimuss Gladiator Oud

  • Parfum

    • Top Notes: Saffron Accord, Cumin Seed Oil
    • Heart Notes: Honey Accord, Geranium Oil from Egypt, Hay Absolute, Immortelle Absolute
    • Base Notes: Oud Oil, Patchouli Oil from Indonesia, Ambregris Accord, Atlas Cedarwood Oil, Vetiver from Haiti
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