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“Dear Rose, another day along the riverside you lay,

Sstunning in the weeds, and when you awaken, gesture candidly imbued with the grace of nymphs, the woods nearby take you below, to an enchanted world, where mingle flowers and fruits, pea rs and mandarins and even magnolias…”


Nymphessence is a fragrance inspired by the fragrant trail of a woodland nymph walking through a clearing of an enchanted forest under a full moon. Believing herself to be unobserved, we are able to follow her and the graceful trail of scent she exudes.


It is a woody, floral fragrance that shimmers with an opalescent green freshness, spiked with a hint of piquant pink pepper. A sparkling, juicy pairing of tangerine and white pear leads us to the heart of sweet, creamy florals with a fresh green tinge around the edges – magnolia, rose, freesia, and orange blossom. The orange-scented florals meld with a lightly ambery and musky base, as if lowering themselves into a warm bath. The scent finishes on a ghostly, misty musk that mirrors the moonlit beauty of the nymph’s pale body. 

Dear Rose Nymphessence

  • Eau de Parfum

  • Top Notes: Pink Peppercorns, Pear, Mandarin

    Heart Notes: Magnolia, Freesia, Orange Blossom

    Base Notes: Blonde Amber Woods

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