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The story of a Sicilian dynasty that has known glory, wealth and power.

Quattro Pizzi, the most iconic palace that was home to Palermo’s most symbolic and prominent families. A perfume reminiscent of the Belle Époque era, where love, beauty and nobility entwine with secrecy and sin.

A juxtapose of sweet and spicy hits the senses on first spray with rumdavana and pink pepper, where the intoxicating notes of tuberose enchant and seduce at the heart, a sensual scent that lingers like a lover's forbidden touch on the skin long after the sun goes down.

Heat and passion unravel through the notes of this scented story ahead of Sicily’s breathtakingly beautiful backdrop.

Casamorati Quattro Pizzi

  • eau de parfum

    • Top Notes: Rum, Davana, Pink Pepper, Coriander
    • Heart Notes: Tuberose, Coconut
    • Base Notes: Hay, Blonde Leaf Tobacco , Tonka Bean
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