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For those keenly aware of their environs, ever alert to the forces of change, Intense is a perfume that resonates perfectly. Emanating an intense ardour, it quickly envelops the wearer in its rich, creamy background notes, dancing on the skin with hints of rose and honey and sharpening the senses with bright citrus vibes. Effortless and opulent, this is a fragrance that is intensely rewarding – some might even say addictive – combining a restless energy with deep decadence that comes only from years of experience in the scent making profession.


Effortless, restless and opulent, this is an intensely rewarding fragrance with hints of rose and honey, and a hit of citrus. A deeply decadent choice for the age in which we live.

Boadicea the Victorious Intense

    • Top Notes: Citrus Fruits
    • Heart Notes: Jasmine, Honey
    • Base Notes: Vanilla, Patchouli
  • Eau de Parfum

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