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The Vittoriale degli Italiani is one of the most evocative places in the world, almost a city within a city, a verdant and scenic space on Lake Garda, created by the genius of the great writer Gabriele D'Annunzio . It is made up of many spaces: the park, the amphitheatre and many rooms inside the huge villa where relics, mementos, memorabilia and traces of his 'extravagant' lifestyle are kept. The poet-soldier's goal was to make the place a kind of memorial to his 'inimitable life.' The fragrance narrates these spaces where everything is unusual and mystical: in particular, our attention is drawn to the Music Room, where every detail is imbued with an unsettling sensuality. From the very first moment, the fragrance immerses us in a surreal atmosphere, generated by a special play of contrasts, where Cardamom Seeds and the decisive scent of Italian Leather intertwine and chase each other with the decisive essence of Peat and Tobacco, like the rush of a vertigo that quickly becomes mysterious and exotic, thanks to the Jasmine Flowers and Garda Violet, narrating the precious drapes of blood red and black silk that adorn the walls of the room. The perturbing brutal notes, emphasised by Laudanum and precious Musk, accompany us in the visual and dreamlike tale through the precious fabrics, embroidered in gold with wild and majestic beasts, tamed by the song and music vibrating in the room. The untamed power of Patchouli continues to narrate an inexhaustible desire to live outside all convention, following only the refined aesthetic quest for wonder. “One must make one's life into a work of art." The life of a man of intellect must be his work. True superiority is all here." At the base of the fragrance, blended with precious Ambergris, the precious and rare Woods of Oudh embraced with Oakmoss give a strong and very elegant soul to the tale. The story of the space of this marvellous dwelling makes its way into the souls of people capable of forging their own existence, like a great work of art, heedless of the mediocrity of being as uniform as so many others, with the courage to live fully, to honour life and fill every moment with an insatiable need for beauty and lustful, yet powerful, sensuality. "Passion in everything. I desire the mildest things as hopelessly as the greatest. I have no respite...I have made all of me my home; and I love it in every part."

Tiziana Terenzi Vittoriale

  • Extrait de Parfum

    • Top Notes: Cardamom Seeds, Kentucky Tobacco, Tourbat, Italian Leather
    • Heart Notes: Indian Jasmine Sambac, Garda Violet Leaves, Musk, Greek Cistus Laudanum, Patchouli from Singapore
    • Base Notes: Ambergris, Tuscan Oakmoss, Cambodian Oud, Indian Oud
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