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In the world of seafaring, the Italian word ‘deriva’ means drift, and refers to the motion of a vessel without a course, moving at the mercy of the waves and the current. An uncontrolled movement, in other words the loss of control over our will, without a precise direction, floating towards an unknown destination. At times, this travelling is relaxed like on sunny days, in the absence of wind and with calm waters. At others, it is impetuous and adrenalin-fuelled, in the midst of the fury of the storm and the waves, abandoned, almost happily surrendered, to the mercy of external events. Two sides of the same seductive coin that inspires sailors and explorers to venture away from the shore, leaving the safe harbour of their own knowledge, to embark upon the journey towards oblivion and wonder, through unknown adventures and challenges. The safe zones of what we know give way to the discovery of the mystery that intimidates and attracts us at the same time. Imagine we are aboard our beloved Telea in the middle of the sea, in the deep blue, so far from land that we can no longer see the edge of the coast. Nothing is visible to the naked eye around us. We are alone in the middle of the ocean when, suddenly, the wind stops completely and everything around us becomes surreally calm. We have entered a pocket of tranquillity, and it is no longer possible to steer our boat. We no longer hear the creaking of the shrouds fighting the rush of the wind or the lapping of the hull as it cuts through the waves. Everything falls silent and takes on a new dimension, there is no muscle or thought that can counteract this oblivion. We float slowly adrift, in fact, letting life permeate our souls. Sometimes you have to be able to succumb to life in order to live it to the full, just as you do when you drift out to sea and into the unknown. This lascivious abandonment to the fluctuating of events is encapsulated in this perfume called Deriva, the emblem of losing oneself completely in the oblivion of our most secret and unconfessed passions. The creation opens with a funambulistic and mysterious accord, where aromatic notes embrace hesperidian notes. Here we find the echoes of prized citrus fruits such as Reggio Calabrian Bergamot and Sorrento Lemon, combined with the counterpoint of Bulgarian Lavender and Zanzibar Cardamom, sweetened by the sugary persuasiveness of Brazilian Pineapple. This floating head surrenders to a seductive and exciting heart, where the reverberations of flowers such as Egyptian Geranium and Italian Gardenia mingle silently with the aromatic notes of Peruvian Pink Pepper, then emphasised by the rebellious spirit of Singapore Patchouli and the tart sweetness of Russian Raspberry. The entire creation is supported by a solid base, where the spicy aromatic foundations find strength in the scents of Virginia Tobacco Leaves, blended with the robust echoes of aphrodisiac sweetness of Madagascar Vanilla Berries and Colombian Tonka Bean, then emphasised by the reverberations of prized woods such as Australian Sandalwood and Italian Rosewood. Deriva encapsulates all the spirit of knowing how to lose oneself in the whirlwind of one’s passions and emotions in a drop of precious perfume, without any fear or regret of getting lost in oblivion, because sometimes letting go without any resistance is the only way to discover the great beauty of life, the essence of existence.

Tiziana Terenzi Deriva

  • Extrait de Parfum

    • Top Notes: Reggio Calabrian Bergamot, Sorrento Lemon, Bulgarian Lavender, Cardamom from Zanzibar, Brazilian Pineapple
    • Heart Notes: Egyptian Geranium, Italian Gardenia, Peruvian Pink Pepper, Singapore Patchouli, Russian Raspberry
    • Base Notes: Virginia Tobacco Leaves, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Colombian Tonka Bean, Australian Sandalwood, Italian Rosewood
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