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La Peregrina is the world’s most famous pearl. Renowned for its perfect shape, it was cherished by Spanish royalty and British nobility before it was gifted to actress Elizabeth Taylor, for whom the pearl was a personal favourite. When it was discovered almost 500 years ago, it was the largest pearl ever found, inspiring painters and poets alike. La Peregrina remains one of the largest, perfectly symmetrical pear-shaped pearls on earth


As captivating and sensual as a tropical garden on a warm summer’s night, this perfume offers an enticing, gentle sweetness which brings out the rich aromas of the east. At its heart, the notes of opulent myrrh, alluring vanilla and sensual ylang ylang flowers are carefully blended with bright floral notes of damask rose, jasmine and gardenia that give this extrait de parfum its vibrancy. It is grounded on a strong base of amber and white musk, which tactfully present itself throughout the dry down.

Thameen Peregrina

  • Extrait de Parfum

    • Top Notes: Rose Damascene,  Lily Of The Valley,  Gardenia, Jasmin
    • Heart Notes: Vanilla,  Amber,  Caramel,  Myrrh,  Ylang Ylang
    • Base Notes: White Musk,  Amber,  Poudre
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