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Marine notes of seaweed dried under the sun, wood, flowers, fruits, spices, plants, and of the myriads of scents and flowers that are carried by the wind as it passes earth and sea. Sea Island, unique, where no less than 150 essences combine to form an aromatic "tangle", almost undefined, carrying the essence of the sea. Notes: Seaweed, Bergamot, mint, Rose, Y-Lang extra, Rosemary, Absolute alga, Patchouli, Santal Mysore.

Royal Crown Sea Island

  • Extrait de Parfum Concentrée

  • Top Notes: Kelp, Bergamot, Mint 
    Heart Notes: Rose, Ylang-ylang, Rosemary
    Base Notes: Algae absolute, Patchouli, Mysore sandalwood

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