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A scent verging on the divine; noble and wildly bewitching, a vibrant homage to the daring spirit of a great captain.
Musk Ubar, an abstract, dense, warm and mysterious scent that causes a stir with its astounding, racy reputation.
Angelica root, geranium and warm woody notes provide a sensational and spicy opening.
In the heart, a triumvirate of rose, jasmine and galbanum exudes enchanting sensuality that heightens its erotic character, whilst resting upon a bed of musk and grey amber.
A “Must” made for the refined man who loves and seeks elegance in all of its form.
A sensual, wavy aura that wraps you in its intimacy, like a second skin.
Rarely do we encounter a fragrance that we instantly recognize as a “forever-love”, this however, is one of them.

Royal Crown Musk Ubar

  • Extrait de Parfum Concentrée

  • Top Notes: Nutmeg, Geranium, Coriander, Saffron
    Heart Notes: Y-Lang Comore, Jasmin Absolute, Angelica Root, Turkish Rose Honey, Carnation, Iris Fiorentina
    Base Notes: Burmese Oud, Sandal Mysore, Myrrh, Grey Amber, Styrax, Labdanum Licorice, Benzoin, Tonka - Oman Golden Frankincense, Grey Musk Vetiver, Leather Notes, Ebony

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