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elixir that would carry the promise of a long life or immortality. Elixir shows the olfactory facets of spirituality and earthy depths. An ingredients, assembled in masterly proportions. Elixir brings its warm and full-bodied resinous tones with exotic floral and aromatic vapours layered over enchanting Laotian oud, copaiba balsam and gurjum resin. A touch of cypriol brings its pitch-dark proportions to the majestic air. The prominently oriental, floral and tantalizing oud settles in, while the superior labdanum amber, with its magnifying animality, polishes its edges.

Kemi Elixir

  • Attar Oil


  • Top Notes: Floral Notes, Copaiba Balsam

    Heart Notes: Estragole, Cade, Cypriol, Labdanum

    Base Notes: Oud from Laos, Labdanum, Gurjum, Amber

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