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Jardin Nocturne parfum captures the essence of the fragrant night. Earthy, sensual and inviting. Mingling lightness with darkness - femininity with masculinity.

Oud is considered one of the rarest and most opulent materials in perfumery. The wood is burnt during peaceful meditation and the aroma permeates the night air... heavenly, woody and balsamic. The delicate white jasmine blossoms look like stars in the desert sky. It is one of the most delicate of all floral oils and supports the depth of the oud and together they uplift the spirit.
Saffron—sensual, leathery, opulent, brings its golden quintessential quality to the parfum.
The parfum is voluptuous and mysterious as it lingers on the skin.
Jardin Nocturne parfum is created by Master perfumer, Maurice Roucel as an ode to this beautiful, fragrant night.
Pure Parfum. Made in France.

Jardin Nocturne Parfum by Shalini (with black bulb atomizer)

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