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Siren is composed of a base of amber, Moroccan rose and East Indian sandalwood with saffron, narcissus and Gandhi root top notes. It is pure perfume of the highest concentration possible. The sleeves around the bottles are personally autographed by Emily Haines.

Dark Forest, Siren’s companion incense is a 100% natural cone created around the sacred Palo Santo. Used by shamans for centuries, it was sourced from the Yucatan Peninsula. Copal, frankincense, hemp, cedar wood and evergreens represent fragrant treasures from every corner of the globe. Dark Forest offers a mystical and expansive fragrance experience not experienced with artificial incenses.

House of Matriarch Siren

  • Parfum

  • Saffron, Narcissus, Gandhi Root, Tea Rose, Iris, Cedarwood, Orange Blossom, Amber, Agarwood, Ambrette, Moroccan Rose, East Indian Sandalwood

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